Random Jamaican Phrases

by admin on May 23, 2018

degeh degeh – used to emphasize a small quantity
example: One degeh degeh apple deh pon di tree – There is only one apple on the tree

cho deh! – an exclamation used to draw attention to something admirable
example: Cho deh! Mi like yuh shoes – [expression of admiration] I like your shoes!

Words for: Jamaican and Jamaicans in Patois

by admin on August 23, 2011

The word some Jamaicans use to refer to Jamaicans (when speaking about nationality) are as follows:

Jamaican (of course! this one is obvious)

Jamaicans (plural)

yaadie (singular / plural) – word used by some Jamaicans to refer to themselves, another Jamaican or other Jamaicans. It can be used in the plural or the singular.

yaadie dem …. (plural) – used to refer to more than one Jamaican and “yaadie dem” should be used in a sentence. It will sound strange if someone just says “yaadie dem” and nothing else because it is used in sentences.

Jamaican Language

August 23, 2011

The Jamaican language or rather the official language in Jamaica is Standard English. But, Jamaicans also speak Patois which is a dialect. Some people spell the word “Patois” as “Patwa.” Here are some Jamaican Patois words and phrases: tan suh bak – laid back / relaxed ketch e – catch it Example: ketch e ball [...]

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Jamaican Words and Examples

July 12, 2009

Jamaican words, and examples of their usage in sentences: Ah wha dat – what’s that? Example: ah wha dat yuh ah luok pan? – What’s that you’re looking at? (what are you looking at?) siyame suh – just like that Example: ah siyame suh dem seem – they saw him just like that Wen trubble [...]

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Jamaican way of talking

July 10, 2009

Examples of the Jamaican way of talking: A man was in the car, a friend approached. The man said to the friend approaching: fahwud nuh – come on (let’s go) The friend say’s: Ah weh wi ah guh guh? – Where are we going to go? (guh guh is not a typing error. When it’s [...]

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Some Jamaican Expressions

July 10, 2009

karry guh bring come – someone who gossips lik eem fi six – take advantage of geem lence – ahead of him by a big distance Learn to talk Jamaican

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Some fruits that are found in Jamaica

June 10, 2009

Jamaican climate is warm and many different types of fruits, vegetables and such crops can be grown in Jamaica. Here are some fruits and food found in Jamaica. These are not the typical ones you usually hear about: tinking toe – looks similar to tamarind in appearance but has a bad taste (yes people eat [...]

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Some more phrases in Jamaican

October 1, 2008

walla walla – to roll around in wiss – long vine that grows and wraps around other plants,trees nose nawt/eye nawt – snot in the nose,eyes

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Additional Jamaican Patois (Creole) words

July 18, 2008

Here are some more Jamaican words: koof – to slap, to punch example: dah mon deh mytah get koof – that man might get slapped. ketch up – to argue, fuss, quarrel example: deydah day dah yute an eem ketch up – yesterday (or some time in the past) that young man and he were [...]

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Jamaican patwa

July 16, 2008

Vocabulary: fi yuh – for you watnat – dresser (furniture) gawling – bird gleaner – newspaper settee – couch higgle – to sell

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