Some fruits that are found in Jamaica

by admin on June 10, 2009

Jamaican climate is warm and many different types of fruits, vegetables and such crops can be grown in Jamaica.

Here are some fruits and food found in Jamaica. These are not the typical ones you usually hear about:

tinking toe – looks similar to tamarind in appearance but has a bad taste (yes people eat it).

sweet sop – known to some as sugar-apple. The juice is delicious.

sour sop – this juice from this fruit is not bitter or sour despite the name. It is known in Spanish as guanabana.

star apple – a unique tasting fruit

ginnep – these can be described as being the size of a marble and they are green, round and grown on bunches. There is a big seed inside.

papapa – a delicious fruit with many small black seeds inside. It makes a delicious drink.

naise berry – it’s not as small as the name suggests and simply delicious are words that can be used to describe this delicious fruit.

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