Showing Posession in Patwa

by admin on June 29, 2008

When speaking Jamaican patois, the words used for showing ownership can be elaborate. Here are some examples:

ee fah – it for

a fi ar – it’s for her

The above 2 phrases can be used alone or you can combine the above the 2 phrases and say:

a fi ar ee fah – it belongs to her

For the a male you would say:

fi eem – for him

a fi eem – it is for him

Or you can say something more elaborate like:

a fi eem ee fah – it belongs to him

Also you can use the plural.

fi dem – for them

fi unno – for you (plural)

fi wi – for us

The above can also be said like this:

a fi dem ee fah – it belongs to them

a fi unno ee fah – it belongs to you (plural)

a fi wi ee fah  – it belongs to us.

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